Free Your Mind of Addiction

Mental toughness is grown. Each and every one of us has the ability to focus and make the important decisions we need to. Mental strength comes from practicing and enduring new challenges to keep our mind sharp. Confidence is a key to finding mental strength. When faced with addiction, mental toughness is almost obsolete. Confidence only comes for the need of the source feeding the addiction, and anything that deters the addict from satisfying that, proves that you the mind is affected by addiction.

Consider this, a regular nine-to-five guy gets hurt on the job. His boss lets him go because he is unable to lift heavy objects. He spends the next couple of weeks at home, on a prescription of vicadin, suffering from pain, but managing to make it through the day with minimal suffering, due to the medication.

Doctor visit comes up, and he is told he no longer needs the medication. The man goes a day or two without the pain relief, but it becomes unbearable. He schedules another doctors appointment. They prescribe him something stronger. Now the addiction has been set, the mind is believing it needs the drugs, and the man is becoming dependent on the drugs.

Now the man can not work, for fear of losing the prescription, he claims disability, further pushing him into a reoccurring pattern of being dependent on the drugs, and doing whatever he needs to in order to prove that. The tendencies of lies, deception, manipulation, and sneakiness begins to be prevalent in the addicted person’s personality. They begin to feel an attachment to having their drugs because they feel they need it, justifying the reason for their actions.

This is why rehabilitation is important to finding mental health, a core for toughness and strength of the mind. Only when an addict surrenders themselves to the truth, that they are in pain, that they have a problem, will they allow themselves to heal. Many addiction recovery members face a problem of falling back into the same behaviors because that is the circle of life they are familiar with. Those people they hang out with, they are leaches to the addict’s mind, and they fill it with toxic thoughts.

Mental toughness is key to finding peace on the road to recovery. A grand support system acts as the foundation, and the lessons shared among that structure should encourage, uplift, show faith, trust, and belief that they will change. Power of positivity is a beautiful thing.